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Boat names


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Boat names, Hebrew names, Warship names

Abadon is an hebrew warship name. Meaning “destruction”.

Angel of the Apocalypse who released the plague of locusts.

Categorized into: biblical names


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Boat names, Portuguese names, Sailboat names

Abroholos or Abrolhos is a Portuguese sailboat name.

Southeastern storm in the coast of Brazil.

Categorized into: wind names.


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Boat names, English names, Sailboat names

Adventure is an English sailboat name. Meaning “adventure, exciting experience”.

Adventure Galley

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Boat names, English names, Pirate ship names

Adventure Galley is an English pirate ship name.

This boat was captained by William Kidd. It was designed and equipped with the latest advances to capture pirates. It was very expensive.

However, Kid failed to capture many pirates and collect rewards. He decided to become a pirate to pay their debts.


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Boat names, Norse names, Sailboat names

Aegir is a Norse sailboat name.

King of the seas in Norse mythology.

Categorized into: Mythologic names.



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Boat names, Greek names, Sailboat names

Aeolus is a Greek sailboat name.

According to the Greek mythology he was the God of the Wind.

Categorized into: Mythologic names.


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Boat names, Sailboat names, Spanish names

Aguamarina is a Spanish sailboat name.

Spanish form of Aquamarine.

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Boat names, Finnish names, Sailboat names

Ahti is a Finnish sailboat name.

God of the deep in Finnish mythology.

Categorized into: Mythologic names.


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Boat names, Sailboat names, Spanish names

Aifos is a Spanish sailboat name.

Name of a sailboat of the Spanish Navy. It is used by the King Felipe VI to compete in diverse sport regattas.

It is the reverse of his mother’s name, Sofía.


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Basque names, Boat names, Rowboat names

Aingura is a basque rowboat name. Meaning “anchor”.